singing sensation!

  • Bring your work team or party group into our studio for a 4 hour team building singing sensation!

Lots of fun and great for kids and adults alike.

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  • Create your own personalised song with lyrics individual to your party group, or your business and clients.
  • Kitchen facilities provided – bring your own snacks/drinks.
  • We can recommend nearby restaurants for you to carry on your party.
  • Leave with your own CD!

4 hour session, £45 per person, minimum 12 people.

Video Extra: £65 per person – Music video of your session– edited together with track and sent to you within 5 days.

Your session can include:

  • Vocal Coaching
    We use contemporary technique for modern singing that works straight away! We will train your voice with it but don't worry, theres no need to do any scales and warmups! This technique gets straight to the point and applies directly to the song you'll be singing!

  • Recording
    Let us know your choice of song before the session. We will record you with our professional condensor mics and you can see how we mix and master your recording to get it up to industry level!

  • Music Video Filming
    If you're really serious about singing, we will film you whilst you're singing and edit the footage with the final mix. It takes us a bit of extra time to edit and produce the film, so give us 5 days to get it to you! You can have the video as a DVD or a digital file that you can play on a computer.

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